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Sep 12, 2013

Those who read this blog already know, the biggest problem I have using Linux as a client is the dread of installing Lotus Notes (oops, I guess they officially changed the name to IBM Notes). Luckily with Notes 9 it is the least complicated of them all, but of course there are still some manual steps you must perform. These are the steps I performed to install Notes 9 on both Ubuntu 13.04 and elementaryOS (Luna) 64bit:
  1. sudo apt-get install ia32-libs libgnomeprint2.2-0:i386 libgnomeprintui2.2-0:i386 libgnomevfs2-bin:i386 libgnome2-0:i386 libgnomeui-0:i386 libjpeg62:i386

  2. Untar the IBM Notes package:
    tar xvf NOTES_9.0_LINUX_DI_EN_Evaluation.tar

  3. cd NOTES_9.0_LINUX_DI_EN_Evaluation

  4. Unpackage the "ibm-notes-9.0.i586.deb" file (I did this by right clicking it in my file explorer and choosing "Extract Here")

  5. Edit the file: "ibm-notes-9.0.i586/DEBIAN/control" and remove everything after "Pre-Depends" and "Depends" so it looks like this:
  6. Save the control file and exit

  7. Go back to the directory you originally untared the IBM Notes package (step #2) and rename "ibm-notes-9.0.i586.deb" to something like "ORIG-ibm-notes-9.0.i586.deb"

  8. Run the command (you may have to install the "dpkg-deb" package first):
    dpkg-deb -b ibm-notes-9.0.i586 (Note, this will take awhile)

  9. Once the command finishes from the previous step, you should have a new file "ibm-notes-9.0.i586.deb" and you can install it with:
    sudo dpkg -i ibm-notes-9.0.i586.deb and you should not get any errors

  10. You can install the other notes packages if you like with:
    sudo dpkg -i <pkg name>.deb

  11. Now launch notes from "/opt/ibm/notes/notes" (I like to launch it from the command line the first time to see errors). You first will get the license screen "type '1' and enter" then you should get the Notes setup screen.

Hopefully this is all you will need to do. I do not recommend installing 8.5.3 on Ubuntu or elementaryOS 64bit versions. I completely messed up my system trying to do this on elementaryOS and had to reinstall the OS. From now on I will always take a backup using Clonezilla once I have a clean state. I wish this is what I would have done before attempting to install Notes 8.5.3. It would have saved me a lot of time.


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