Welcome to my little slice of the Internet. I started this site to have an online repository of reference documents which I could access from anywhere. I figured others might also find it useful. I plan on keeping this site tech related (Linux, Programming languages, Security Tools, and who knows what else), so you don't have to worry about me posting my favorite cat videos or anything of that sort (although if you have any good cat videos, please do share).

The site is broken down into the following pages:
  1. Reference Docs - documents that I wrote and reference frequently
  2. Scripts - the scripts that I wrote to complete various tasks (mostly security related)
  3. Videos - videos that I have created
  4. Blog - mostly will be used to keep you updated on changes to this site, but occasionally I will post something extraordinary.
  5. Links - some of my favorite links that are mostly under the radar.
  6. About Me - a little about me and how to contact me