Here are some of my favorite links for the topics that I cover on this site that maybe you have not come across yet.


In addition to the links that I provide on my Python Reference page here are some others that I like:
  1. Python on Reddit - if you have not discovered reddit yet, you are missing out on one of the best sites on the internet. It is probably my favorite site on the internet and they have a section for almost any and every topic, including Python.
  2. Rosetta Code - if you have not heard of Rosseta Code yet, check it out. It's really cool. This links to the Python page.
  3. Python Challenge - many people recommend this site for learning python. Personally, I do not like puzzle sites all that much, but I think I am the exception.
  4. Python on StackOverflow - StackOverflow is probably the best place to ask/search for Python issues.
  5. Python Module of the Week - very good place to learn about Python Standard Modules
  6. Python Forum - personally I have not used this very much but it appears to be quite active
  7. Python on Daniweb - another forum which I haven't checked out much, but probably the second most popular site, after StackOverflow, that Google sends me too when I google a python related question
  8. My Python Links on Delicious - I have many more good Python related links here

  1. PerlMonks - the absolute best place to go for Perl related questions, tutorials, entertainment, community, etc.
  2. Perltidy - please run all of your Perl code through Perltidy. This will make it look much less like line noise
  3. Perlguru Forum - appears to be a very active forum, but I have never used it
  4. Perl Tutorial - although quite old, this is a good introduction to Perl
  5. Perlsphere - an aggregation of Perl blogs

  1. The Geek Stuff - one of my favorite Linux related sites
  2. NixCraft - another good Linux site
  3. ss64 - my favorite place to go to learn about command line options for almost every platform
  4. Unix Toolbox - great site to learn more Unix/Linux commands if you are already familiar with the platform
  5. shell-fu - great place to learn some more shell fu (for lack of a better term)

  1. Best Vim Tips
  2. Derek Wyatt's Vim

IT Security
  1. Aldeid - this is my good friend Sebastien's website. He has a lot of good IT Security related information on it and updates it frequently (more then I update this site).
  2. Prey Project - this is an awesome project that allows you to keep track of your lost or stolen device. They support ALL the popular operating systems. I have this installed on all of my machines.