Here are scripts/programs I have created over the years. I have only uploaded a few but I have many more. I will only upload those I think would be helpful to others. The majority are in Perl, but the newer ones (and what I consider better quality) are in Python. All of my new scripts will be in Python for the time being. I have a few bash shell and batch files as well. I have categorized the scripts by their function.

If you need help with any of these scripts, then contact me (you can find out how via the About page). I am more likely to help you with the Python ones then the Perl ones, but I will try my best to help with any of them. I would also appreciate it if you would contact me if I am doing something really stupid (either security wise or just breaking a best practice) in one of my scripts. I am not a professional programmer so some of my code isn't up to par with those that do this for a living.

*Important Note: you can find out how to run (and more info) on these scripts at the top of each script in the comment section. Also these worked the last time I tested them (which could be many years ago for some) but they may not today. Finally use at your own risk!


  1. Pentesting/Vulnerability Scanning/Auditing

    • - searches Google for certain phrases related to webapp vulnerabilty scanning

    • - converts an OpenVAS report from html to nbe format

  2. Malware

    • - runs a number of opensource/free tools to check the security status of a machine. Also will perform a local network scan